It’s been years since I noticed that a lot of calendars and to-do lists starts its week in Sundays, and it really doesn’t make any sense to me until today.

It didn’t make any sense as we all of us, whether a student or an employee works Monday to Friday and keeps the weekend as rest days right?

But then it hit me.

As I started my Sunday planning just for the rest of the day, I noticed that I also added tasks that I want and need to do for rest of the week.

To me, it was refreshing…

This is going to be my live document-article-ish wishlist shared with the world and hopefully, Figma will eventually implement or at least notice. By no means, I am demanding. LOL

Published date: November 10, 2020
Last edit: January 26, 2020
Features in wishlist: 5
Features implemented: 1

Easier page management

Added November 13, 2020
Would be nice to have an easy way to manage files with lots of pages. E.g. Grouping pages and deleting multiple pages at once. There should be a plugin to do this, just need to explore and find it.

Hardware / GPU Acceleration

Added November 13, 2020
I’m not sure if you’ve been dealing with this, but there are times that Figma is hogging more memory than Chrome! It’s even eating more than my actual RAM!

The Old Path or more famously known as Ang Dating Daan is a religious TV show that’s been running for almost 40 years in the Philippines. The one and only (yet to be challenged, which I doubt someone will) religious program who can answer any (yes, I’m not exaggerating) religious question.

Since the lock downs and community quarantines has started in different parts of the world and mass gathering has been banned, we at Members Church of God International (MCGI) grabbed the opportunity to reach and preach to more people by live streaming our bible studies, expositions(the famous and unparalleled…

TL:DR; The title says the gist of I really want to share and celebrate, but I still want share what we, Members Church of God International (MCGI) is doing, why we are doing it, and why people should be aware of it.

Just a quick note though, this is not an update about the pandemic.

We know that nobody was able to prepare from this pandemic. Even the strongest countries is still suffering from this pandemic. …

Figma as king (well, for me)
Full video available:

I’ll be as straightforward as possible here in Medium, but if you want to get a the detailed version of what I’m about to share, you can watch my video about it on YouTube!

1. Pricing


Disclaimer: I’m not generalizing and some atheists may not show/have these characteristics at all, but I did encountered and observed them.

  1. Cognitive biased.
    Research they used was done by a non-believer and atheists themselves and everything that is done by believer scientists even the neutral ones are ignored.
  2. Bitter or hateful
    Something happened to their lives that they can’t accept, instantly concluding that there is no God because of their misfortune (possibly something that is an effect of their actions as well). It’s weird though that they blame someone whom they don’t believe exists. …

Image from Unsplash

Going back to social media with purpose

Like me, you’ve probably read or heard some stories of people leaving social media — saying that after doing so, they’ve been happier and less stressful.

To be honest, those benefits are kind of obvious, most of us know that social media is a source of stress, an infinity pool, a distraction, a productivity black hole, and we probably stay due to its addicting factors and getting quick hits of dopamine.

Knowing this for so many years, I’ve been doing some experiments on my own.

The Realization

I can’t remember when exactly I realized that I’m spending too much time on these…

Photo by Hannah Wei on Unsplash

“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” — Steve Jobs

No. Thinking about having the last day today is not the mind hack that I’m talking about. I only used this quote as an example. …

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Tomorrow at exactly 2:20pm, I will celebrate my 17th sabbath day in. Basically, the day I accepted and was baptized in to be a part of Members Church of God International.

Probably the best decision I was able to make, especially at the age of 14. Why? Because I had found the purpose of my life, my true north. By this, it affected all the things that I do and do not do. Everything revolves to what I believed and accepted. Directly or indirectly.

Before you jump to conclusion, I want you to open your mind for a few minutes…

Image from Laura Young

Ever since UX has been appreciated, adapted, preached, glorified, even to the point of being overrated and treated like a unicorn, I’ve seen some people, even designers saying that design can or will determine the make or break of a product.

To be honest, as a designer myself — I believe that’s true, but only to an extent, design is important, but not the secret sauce for product success.

There are several successful startups that’s been emphasizing how important design is such as AirBNB, Canva, Square, and Uber , to name a few, but we also saw the humble beginnings…

Jan Harold Diaz

A proud Christian and member of A maker and an autodidact. Currently working as a product design lead at

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